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In 2005, California passed legislation (Senate Bills 12 and 965) that set standards for foods and beverages sold in California public schools outside of the federal meal program (competitive foods).  This legislation set limits on the amount of fat, saturated fat, sugar, and calories competitive foods (snacks, beverages, and entre items) can have and applies to foods sold in grades K-12.  The legislation eliminated the sale of sodas and set sugar content limits for other sugar sweetened beverages.  Recently, legislation was passed that limits the amount of trans fat competitive foods can have. 

In elementary schools, these food standards apply at all times and the beverages standards apply before school and up to ½ hour after school.  In middle and high school, the food and beverage standards apply ½ hour before school until ½ hour after school. (From: California Project LEAN website - accessed 11/30/12)


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