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LPHS: One of America's Best Schools

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The Civic Learning Award for public schools is co-sponsored by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond and California Chief Justice Patricia Guerrero. The CDE recognizes and values the important role of public schools in preparing students for participation in our democracy, and have a partnership to support civic education in California. The awards are designed to both celebrate successful efforts to engage students in civic learning and to identify successful models that can be replicated in other schools.

The Civic Learning Award program has three levels: Awards of Excellence, Distinction, and Merit. Winners are selected by a panel of experts based on the depth and breadth of their civic learning classes, clubs, and programs. Schools receiving the highest honor, the Award of Excellence, traditionally receive a visit by the Chief Justice.

AP Access Award by the College Board

The AP School Honor Roll recognizes schools whose AP programs are delivering wide-reaching results for their students and Marshall Fundamental has received this honor by demonstrating a clear and effective commitment to equitable access to advanced coursework. This award is anchored in research-based relationships between AP Exams and college outcomes, which include the following:

  • College Culture: 40% or more graduating cohort took at least 1 AP Exam
  • College Credit: 25% or more of the graduating cohort scored a 3 or higher on at least 1 AP Exam, Marshall Fundamental matched this. As 100% of the Class of 2023 Exam Takers scored 3 or higher on at least 1 AP Exam taken.
  • College Optimization: 2% or more of the graduating cohort took 5 or more AP exams during high school. At least one of those exams was taken in 9th or 10th grades so that students are spreading their AP experience across grades rather than disproportionate pressure in any single year.
  • 100% of the Class of 2023 Exam Takers took at least 1 AP Exam in 9th or 10th grade & 90% of the Exam Takers took 5 or more AP Exams during high school.
  • Marshall earned the AP Access Award for providing, equity & access to all, more specifically, those identified as underrepresented and/or low-income students, which mirrors the overall school demographics.


The goal of the California Democracy School Award program is to recognize elementary, middle, and high schools that are providing high quality civic learning for all students as part of an integrated curricular program or stand- alone curriculum across one or more grade levels. The award was given to schools that show extraordinary dedication to civics - whether providing forums for healthy debate, campaigning on community issues, or partnering with local groups to effect change.

The CSBA Golden Bell Awards® promote excellence in education and school board governance by recognizing outstanding programs and governance practices of school boards in school districts and county offices of education throughout California. The Golden Bell Awards reflect the depth and breadth of education programs and governance decisions supporting these programs that are necessary to address students’ changing needs.