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CTE Pathways

Public Safety Pathway


Dance Pathway

Dance classes are offered for all levels of dancers (beginning, intermediate, and advanced). The LPDC – La Puente Dance Company – has 30 members. All dancers perform in our Annual Spring Dance Concert. Dance training is considered “classical” and college-geared; studying Ballet, Modern, and Jazz techniques as well as Composition/Choreography, Dance History, and Cultural/World Dance. The LPDC has performed at such venues as Dodger Stadium, Citizen’s Bank Arena, and other Southern California Venues. We have also had the privilege to travel to New York and Chicago.  

If you are interested in being part of the dance program, please contact Ms. Riggs at


Graphic Production Pathway

First year students in the Graphic Design pathway learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. They learn basic tools and techniques that will allow them to start designing for any field of work. This class is geared a little more toward designing clothing and posters. 

Students will use what they have learned in their Graphic Design class and now produce shirts, sweaters, and other garments. They will learn how to silk screen on different colors and fabrics, and use different types of ink, as well as make designs with multiple colors.  

Students will now take what they have learned from the first two years, and start fulfilling orders for clubs, teams, and other schools from HLPUSD. Students will take orders, design, send proofs, order garments, create screens, silk screen apparel, advertise, and operate just like an actual business would. 

For more information, please contact Mr. Yamasaki

Automotive Engineering Pathway

  1. Automotive Engineering 1

  2. Automotive Engineering 2

  3. Automotive Engineering 3

Students will learn the foundation for a career into the automotive industry as a technician, service advisor or future engineering building the cars of tomorrow.  Throughout the program students will learn the art and science behind vehicle design, maintenance or construction.  The combination of automotive and mechanical engineering will help students learn skills in software for vehicle design, diagnosis, and systems in Lab Setting. 


Business & Personal Finance Pathway

  1. Business Marketing & Personal Finance

  2. Business Marketing & Management

Business Management and Administration encompass the skill set required to efficiently run the daily operations of various organizations, whether in the role of a company owner, executive, or general manager. It also includes overseeing administrative functions as an operations manager and providing support to the business as an administrative assistant. Throughout this pathway, students will gain knowledge in essential areas such as Finance, Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship.