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Summer School

The 2024 Summer School session begins on Tuesday, May 28 from 7:30 am to 12:50 pm, with a nutrition break from 10:00 am to 10:20 am and will be held in person at La Puente High School. Students enrolled in APEX will begin either at 10:20am or 12:50pm depending on what their counselor has indicated. 

On the first day of Summer School, please refer to the whiteboard for classroom location.  We look forward to seeing your student on Tuesday, May 28. Please be on time.

Check Aeries for your student’s summer school classes.  
**Courses are subject to change, please check Aeries for most current enrollment.  




1st Day Attendance Policy:  Students who are not in attendance within the first 30 minutes of class on May 28 and June 17 will be dropped from the class to make room for other students.  

Last Day Attendance Policy:  Students must attend the last day of class to take the final exam to earn a grade and credits; there are no exceptions to this policy.   

Attendance Policy:  Due to the rigor of summer school, good attendance is recommended.  Students with two absences and/or four tardies will be automatically dropped from summer school.  

Discipline:  The privilege to attend summer school depends on appropriate classroom behavior.  Parents will be contacted and students will be dropped form summer school for disruptive or inappropriate behavior.  Students can be dropped from summer school for any disciplinary issues. 

Dress Code:  The school dress code will be enforced.  All students are expected to be appropriately dressed at all times during summer school. 

How do I know what Summer School Classes I'm scheduled for?

Log into your AERIES Portal. Click "Classes" Tab. Press "Course Requests/Summer" in the drop down and scroll down. If you have any questions about your summer school courses, please reach out to your counselor as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition from the school year into our summer session. Thank you.